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February 21, 2018


Sancho's Lookbook with Khal Essie and Wild Sasha

We recently had the pleasure of working with the lovely Essie Dennis from I am Essie (Instagram: khal_essie) and Sasha Ingham from Wild Sasha (Instagram: sashingham) to showcase our latest new arrivals.

With Harry Cooke, our in-house photographer, they hit the streets of Exeter decked head to toe in some of their favourite Sancho's new arrivals. We've got an official Sancho's journal coming soon featuring these images and more so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Ulla Floral Jumpsuit

Searching for an effortless outfit? Just slip on this stylish ditsy floral navy jumpsuit from People Tree. It features wide-leg trousers to keep you cool in warmer climates, while the fitted bodice streamlines and sculpts. Made from 100% organic cotton, you can guarantee you're treating both yourself and the planet with this purchase!

Mara Stripe Top

This 100% organic cotton and handmade People Tree shirt is a must for your spring/summer wardrobe. Perfect for layering with, this shirt is so soft and cool against the skin. Team up with jeans for an effortlessly chic day look. 

Elaine Dress

We're in love with this new dress from ThoughtLayer up this spring with this cotton denim straight cut dress. Perfect for a day strolling in the sun!

Campbell TeeBrooke Dungaree and Cork Brogues

This striped long sleeve tee and dungaree combo is classic and comfy! Wear with a pair of our vegan cork brogues for a Parisian chic look. Thought Clothing's Campbell Tee is made from 100% organic cotton for a soft feel against the skin. People Tree's Brooke Dungaree is also really lightweight, soft, and boasts a button strap detail!

Anjali Wrap Jacket and Natana Hose Joggers 

Get comfy and snug in these matching wrap jacket and joggers from ArmedAngels made of TENCEL® Mix (62% TENCEL®, 30% organic cotton and 8% spandex). If you don't already know what Tencel® is, let us tell you!

TENCEL® is a natural and extremely sustainable fibre, made out of wood (cellulose)! Due to its closed loop (the solvent is used over and over again), the production of the fibre is environmentally friendly. Moreover, TENCEL® is a real allrounder. The fibre feels like silk, cools like linen and warms like wool.

Blake Slacks 

Stay cool and chic with these ultra lightweight trousers from Thought Clothing. Perfect for spring and summer strolls, these trousers are sure to be a wardrobe hit. 

Millay Slacks

Embrace those primary colours with these Millay Slacks from Thought Clothing. Made from certified organic cotton these light flared trousers offer ultimate comfort whilst making heads turn! 

Shonagon Dress

This is one of our favourite new-in pieces from Thought Clothing and we can't stop raving about it! Who can resist this stunning floral print dress made from TENCEL® fabric? With a silk-like feel that is anti-crease, this dress is perfect for any evening occasion this spring and summer. 

Erika Sweater 

Step into spring with this bold stripe design sweater from Thought Clothing made from 100% organic cotton. With the bold yellow, white and navy design you are sure to stand out from the crowd! 

Bernice Shirt Dress and Angelou Jacket

Get ready for spring and summer with this Parisian inspired People Tree striped shirt dress. With a delicate collar and button up fastening it is a fantastic everyday casual piece. Pair it with Thought Clothing's lovely Angelou Jacket, the perfect spring layering piece for those slightly warmer but still chilly mornings. 

Yoga Colourblock Crop Top and Matching Cropped Leggings

The ultimate fusion of fashion, function and Fair Trade, this matching yoga set will make you feel fierce and powerful this year! This set is made by Assisi Garments, a social enterprise in India, who transform Fairtrade and organic cotton fibre into beautiful garments. 

Jarell Top

Stay soft and snug with this Thought Clothing layered grey top made from certified organic cotton. Team up with a pair of lightweight cotton trousers for a casual Spring look. 

Briana Dress

This 100% cotton denim styled Thought Clothing dress is the perfect everyday companion. With plenty of stretch, it is ideal for wanders into town. Team up with some bold shoes and accessories for a street casual look. 

Oliver Dress

This navy blue spot dress is one of our favourite spring pieces from Thought Clothing. Made from organic cotton and elastane, it is the perfect comfortable smart/casual piece to add to any wardrobe. With the delicate statement zip detailing, it adds an extra little something!

February 14, 2018


Win a £300 Sancho's Gift Card

For the next week, we will be running a very exciting competition to give away a £300 Sancho's gift card to one of our lucky followers to spend on lots of ethical goodies either in-store or online! 

Why we're holding this giveaway

We are holding this giveaway in celebration of us hitting 3000 followers on our Instagram and in the lead up to our shop's 3 Year Anniversary! We are so grateful for all of your support, we absolutely couldn't have got this far without you, so that's why we love giving back to you. We understand that it is sometimes hard for you to shop sustainably so we're giving one lucky winner a chance to try some of our sustainable clothing and accessories for free. Good luck!

What can the £300 gift card get you? 

£300 goes quite a long way here at Sancho's! This is just one example of what you could buy for £300 here at Sancho's: a People Tree Jumper, a People Tree Tee, MUD Jeansa People Tree Long Tee, Organic Basics Underwear, Organic Basics Toothbrush (in-store only) and a pair of JUNA Earrings (in-store only).

How to enter

  1. Log into the form with your Facebook account or email address
  2. Complete at least one drop-down bar to enter
  3. The more drop-down bars you complete, the more likely you are to win!
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February 07, 2018


20 Ways to Practice Self-Love (And Why It's So Important!)

Valentine's Day is just around the corner... And whether you love or hate the holiday, we can all agree that self-love is the most important love!

Self-care is the actions and practices in which we engage with to enhance and protect our health and well-being. This can mean finding little actions or activities which you can carry out on a regular basis to reduce stress and help you relax and unwind from the daily pressures of life. 

Everyone's self-love is different but this guide is to just give you a push in the right direction and get you thinking about what makes you feel good. For some people, self-love is having a twelve-hour sleep, for others, it's going for a run or cleaning the entire house. (We wish we were the latter!).

In order to start introducing more self-love and self-care into your daily life, start by writing a list of things which help refresh your mind and body. If you can't think of anything, here are some of our suggestions!

1. Remove toxic relationships from your life

2. Take care of your body

3. Start writing a gratitude journal

4. Diffuse essential oils/light a candle 

Shop our candles here

5. Go for a long walk without your phone

6. Stop comparing yourself to others

7. Empower others through your purchases (self-love helps you help others!)

Shop ethically here

8. Declutter your space

9. Make it a priority to get 10 hours sleep

10. Dress your body lovingly in a gorgeous outfit/lingerie

Shop our women's clothing here

11. Read a good book

12. Buy yourself some new underwear

Shop our lingerie collection here

13. Buy yourself roses on Valentine’s day

14. Try something new: dance classes, cooking lessons, yoga

15. Stargaze

16. Pamper your body with beautifully scented soaps and lotions

Shop our women's gifts

17. Take time to yourself, away from others

18. Buy something you've always wanted

19. Do something good for others

20. Declutter your wardrobe and start a capsule wardrobe

Shop our women's clothing here

January 17, 2018


10 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Waste

Plastic has become one of the most harmful materials to our environment. It has devastating effects on our planet, from filling up landfills for decades without decomposing and contributing to climate change to harming wildlife and polluting oceans. That is why this year we are vowing to go Plastic Free for Mother Earth and Me! 

Our society has become increasingly dependent on plastic products, so making the shift to living with less plastic can be a huge challenge but we are ready for it! If you want to start living a more plastic-free lifestyle, then you've come to the right place. Here are ten really easy ways to reduce your plastic waste in 2018...

1. Shop sustainably 

We spoke all about why you should make shopping sustainably your New Year's resolution in our latest blog post. Go read it now to find out more about how your clothing choices hugely impact the amount of plastic waste on our planet. 

However, in short, so much new clothing these days is made from synthetic materials like polyester, acrylic, lycra, spandex and nylon. In other words, plastic fabric. Every time you wash your garments in the washing machine, millions of pieces of tiny fibres are released, of which around half a million tonnes every year contribute to ocean pollution – 16 times more than plastic microbeads from cosmetics.

When buying new clothes, look for organic cotton, hemp, ethically-raised wool, and other natural fibres - all of which are used in one way or another to make the clothing we stock here at Sancho's!

2. Switch to reusable shopping bags 

This is one of the easiest things you can do to start reducing your plastic waste and probably one of the most popular. Simply take a few reusable bags with you whenever you go shopping. This will immediately cut out all of your plastic shopping bag waste and saves you the 5p charge too!

3. Avoid bottled water and bring your own reusable water bottle/coffee cup with you when you go out

Not only does bottled water come in a plastic bottle, but tremendous resources are used to extract, bottle, and ship it. Instead, get a reusable stainless steel bottle (we recommend S'well or Chilly's), fill it up with tap water before leaving the house, and refill it wherever you can.

Similarly, bring a reusable coffee cup out with you! Most coffee cups are plastic coated with plastic lids. Choose a size cup that suits the kind of coffee you drink and bring it with you when you next go to buy takeout coffee from your favourite cafe. Pret a Manger offers 50p discount on hot drinks to customers who bring their own reusable cups which is a great incentive to start living a plastic-free lifestyle!

4. Carry lunch in a reusable non-plastic container/lunch wrap with reusable utensils

Using a reusable container, made from glass, stainless steel or china, eliminates the need to throw away your plastic container/utensils after each use. When plastic food containers are exposed to extreme temperatures, it causes them to break down faster and leach chemicals more readily - not good!

5. Use a bamboo toothbrush

Pick up a bamboo toothbrush, a sustainable alternative to conventional plastic toothbrushes, and do some good for the environment! Buy yourself some plastic-free toothpaste too whilst you're at it.

6. Cut out frozen meals

Most frozen meals contain plastic in the packaging. Cut these out and replace them with freshly-made meals! A win for you and a win for the environment.

7. Use bar soap to wash your hands and body

This eliminates the need to buy body wash, hand soap, and other soaps that come in plastic packaging. We sell some lovely natural, vegan Soap Daze soaps in store!

8. Buy second-hand clothing

Buying clothes second hand not only saves you a heck of a lot of money but ensures that the second-hand clothes you purchase have an extra long lease on life, instead of going straight into landfill.

9. Look for plastic-free shoes

Investing in a good pair of plastic-free shoes is a huge (and fun!) step towards becoming plastic-free. Look to buy ones that are made from natural rubber rather than plastic, or jute soles and reclaimed leather. We offer plenty of plastic-free shoes both in-store and online in a variety of colours and sizes!

10. Switch to paperless billing 

Get with the times and go paperless with your billing! Most companies are more than happy for you to switch to paperless billing because it reduces their costs as well. 

January 10, 2018


6 Reasons Why Shopping Sustainably Should Be Your New Year's Resolution

On most people's New Year's resolutions lists, you will find the phrases "lose weight" or "hit the gym". Whilst these can be really positive resolutions, have you ever thought about becoming more environmentally friendly for your New Year's resolution - to help the planet and not just yourself? Well, there's no better time or place to start!

Here at Sancho's, we are extremely passionate about not only helping the environment through more traditional means such as recycling but also through alternative means such as shopping sustainably! Since the beginning of the 20th century, clothing has increasingly been considered as disposable, making the current clothing system extremely wasteful and polluting. 

In the last 15 years alone, clothing production has approximately doubled mainly due to the ‘fast fashion’ phenomenon, with a quicker turnaround of new styles, increased number of collections offered per year, and often lower prices. Large amounts of nonrenewable resources are extracted to produce these clothes that are worn for only a short period, after which the materials are mostly sent to landfill or incineration.

To help combat this wasteful fast fashion phenomenon, vow to shop sustainably in 2018, whether that means recycling your unwanted clothes or building a sustainable capsule wardrobe. Both are extremely useful but we know which is more fun! Hint: it's the latter. Since we are so passionate about making ethical fashion more accessible to the public, we are holding a January sale so that you can start creating a more sustainable wardrobe in 2018. Sales help prevent stock from being wasted and unworn which is why we love holding them. So pop instore or order some sustainable staples online so you can start your year both sustainably and in style!

If you learn anything new from this blog, we would love for you to share the word about the importance of sustainable shopping by sharing the post with your friends and family 😊 Thank you!

1. Less plastic pollution

As production of cotton, the world’s most popular natural fibre, has plateaued, polyester has stepped in to fill the void. This is because it is inexpensive, easy to blend with other materials, and it has remarkably improved in its look and feel since the 1950s. This means that our clothes are increasingly made of plastic. Seventy percent of plastic-derived fabrics come from polyester, and polyester requires a lot of energy, which means burning fuel for power and contributing to climate change.

The majority of plastic winds up in landfill where it remains indefinitely. This has many environmental impacts including upsetting the food chain, groundwater pollution, land pollution, air pollution and injury, entanglement, or suffocation of wildlife.

Buying 100% organic cotton, Tencel and hemp fabric clothing will help reduce the amount of plastic pollution you contribute to the environment! Pop instore during our January sale to begin replacing your unsustainable clothing with some ethical, sustainable goods. Just remember to recycle your old clothes first!

2. Fewer microplastics entering the ocean

Synthetic high-performance fabrics, such as nylon, polyester, rayon, acrylic or spandex, are known to shed a lot of microplastic fibres, making them a major pollutant as compared to cotton fabrics. Every time you wash your garments in the washing machine, millions of pieces of tiny fibres are released, of which around half a million tonnes every year contribute to ocean pollution – 16 times more than plastic microbeads from cosmetics.

Microplastics in the ocean cause concern due to their negative environmental and health impacts. It has been estimated that, on the current track, there could be more plastics than fish in the ocean (by weight) by 2050. These small plastic particles are also digested by aquatic organisms throughout the food chain, which causes starvation and stunted growth in some species. Those who eat fish consume thousands of microplastic particles through their diet every year.

Organic cotton and handspun fabrics shed natural fibres, reducing your personal impact on the planet. We stock a variety of 100% organic cotton, Tencel, hemp fabric clothing, bamboo socks and fair trade wool garments on our website. Treat yourself and the environment by buying something in our sale!

3. Sustainable production protects soil

Conventional cotton is not the natural fibre many believe it to be, but it is actually one of the world's most lethal crops. Whilst the total area dedicated to cotton growing hasn't changed significantly since the 1950s, the output has nearly tripled during over this time. This increase in output is largely due to the pesticides and fertilizers used in conventional cotton production.

Pesticides are a group of chemicals that incorporate insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, defoliants and growth regulators. Heavy treatment of soil with pesticides can cause populations of beneficial soil microorganisms to decline, which reduces soil fertility, leads to soil salinisation and causes pest resistance, water pollution and presents a risk to biodiversity.

So instead of buying conventional cotton in 2018, treat yourself or your loved ones to 100% organic cotton and educate others about the nasty effects of conventional cotton!

4. It generally ensures safe employment

Much of the fast fashion industry is infamous for its low wages and unsafe working conditions for garment workers. By buying ethical, fair-trade clothing you are also helping the lives of those who work in clothing production, by ensuring that they are working in safe conditions and are paid fairly.

5. It's gentler on your skin

The chemical residue trapped within the threads of non-organic cottons and fabrics can cause irritated skin, rashes and even headaches and dizziness. Organic cotton and other sustainable materials, on the other hand, are sooo soft and gentle, making them especially perfect for babies and their tender, developing skin. Plus, organic materials don't come with any of the negative environmental and social effects. Win, win! 

6. Sustainable clothing lasts longer

The final benefit to sustainable clothing that we are sharing today (though there are countless benefits!) is that sustainable clothing lasts longer. This means that you are far less likely to chuck it in the bin, which will then end up in landfill, and instead treasure your sustainable pieces for years to come! 

Once washed, conventional cotton fibre naturally begins to break. This fibre breakage can begin as soon as after the twentieth wash with non-organic cotton. Organic cotton can last up to five times longer than non-organic cotton so won’t begin to break until at least the hundredth wash. So although organic clothing is a little more expensive than non-organic clothing, in the long term they work out much cheaper due to their longevity. But with our January sale, you don't need to worry about the price anyway! We've got your back.

December 18, 2017


Sancho's Ethical Christmas Gift Guide for the Conscious Shopper

It's Christmaaaaaaaasssss! Okay, it may not be Christmas until next week. But we're allowed to get excited, right?! If, like us, you have left all your Christmas shopping to the last minute and you are now in a bubble of stress, don't fret. We've got you covered! This week we are offering you 10% off selected gifts, and we've also compiled a list of some of our favourite ethical gifts in-store here at Sancho's. Hopefully, we'll inspire you and make Christmas that little bit easier for you...

Drop Studs Silver 

These drop studs are the perfect accessory for your Christmas and New Year's outfit and they would make a fantastic little stocking filler! Handmade by Claire in Plymouth out of recycled silver, you can be sure that these earrings are ethical. 


Scandi Christmas Gift Box

We don't know what's cuter... these festive socks or the box they come in! Made of an incredibly soft bamboo and organic cotton blend, these sustainable socks are breathable, naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, so your feet (and the planet) can stay happy and healthy this Christmas time.

BUY NOW FOR £24.90

Preeda Tea Cups

And we thought the socks were cute! These beautiful dipped handle-less ceramic cups are handmade by Artisans inspired by the Traditional Japanese tea-cup. In a variety of pastel autumnal colours, they are ideal for entertaining at Christmas or for more daily use for hot drinks. We'd recommend a festive hot chocolate!


Stripe Pyjama Long Sleeve Top

Everyone needs a pair of pyjamas to wear on Christmas Day, and these ones fit the bill perfectly! Snooze in style with our classic Breton stripe, made from the softest organic cotton. Who knew being environmentally friendly was this cosy, huh?


Diamond Weave Handloom Throw Aqua

Just you wait, it's about to get a whooole lot comfier in here... This charming diamond 100% cotton hand-loomed throw comes in an array of marine colours. Who fancies snuggling on the sofa in this throw, watching Christmas movies and eating all the mince pies? We do, that's for sure!


Organic Boxers and Bamboo Socks

What do you get the man in your life for Christmas? Well, boxers and socks always go down a treat... These go-to organic boxer briefs are designed to fit your busy lifestyle. The soft, flexible elastic waistband follows the contours of your body, has a stretch blend to move with you and is pre-shrunk for no surprises in the wash - because the only surprise we want this Christmas is to find these under our tree!


We have a huge array of fun, colourful socks perfect for the Christmas festivities. You can check out our range by clicking here!

December 11, 2017


10 Small Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

With all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we can find ourselves getting so wrapped up (no pun intended) in our Christmas shopping, that we begin to forget about the true meaning of Christmas. If you want to make a little difference this Christmas then you've come to the right place! This week, from the 11th to the 16th December, we are giving away free gift wrap with all purchases both in-store and online. This is the perfect excuse to do some ethical shopping and give back to your loved ones this Christmas! 

So without further ado, here are ten small ways you can give back this holiday season...

1. Create a care package for the homeless

Winter is a tough time for the homeless who have to endure freezing conditions. So why not create care packages to hand out in the run-up to Christmas? Items like thermal blankets, hats, scarves, gloves, hand warmers, toothbrushes and toothpaste are a good idea. You could also think about adding-perishable food items such as crackers, pretzels and nutrition bars. 

2. Clear your house and donate

Well you're gonna have to make space for all of these new presents somehow, aren't you? Clear your house of all your unwanted stuff, be it clothes, books or other household items, and give them to someone in need this Christmas. Charity shops and hospices are always looking for donations!

3. Buy charity Christmas cards/gifts

One very easy way to give back this Christmas is to buy all of your cards, and even some of your presents, from local charity shops. Not only will you bring joy to the person you're sending the card to, but 100% of the proceeds will go to charity. Win, win!

4. Send a Christmas shoebox with Operation Christmas Child

Be a part of changing children’s lives all over the world through the power of sending a simple shoebox. Gather a group of friends and turn it into a fun evening! Go shopping during the day for items to fill the boxes with, such as toys, hygiene items and school supplies, then at night have a wrapping party with Christmas songs and mulled wine.

5. Donate blood and save a life

Pretty self-explanatory. Give the best gift of all this Christmas: life!

6. Visit a nursing home

Not everyone is lucky enough to have family and friends visit them during the holidays. This can feel especially isolating at this time of year. So go visit the elderly in a nursing/care home this year and make their Christmas.

7. Hold a charity event

Ok so this one isn’t a very small way to give back, but everyone loves a good party, right?! Hold a charity event to raise money for your favourite NPO. You can invite family, friends, neighbours, and co-workers, and ask everyone to bring a gift from a list or monetary donation. What a way to get into the Christmas spirit!  

8. Buy ethical

Oops! Of course, we'd say this. If you do decide to purchase gifts this year, why not choose gifts that give back?! Here at Sancho's, we have a wide range of ethical, fair trade and sustainable Christmas gifts just waiting to be bought. And to make things even better, we are giving away free gift wrap with all purchases both in-store and online this week!

9. Donate to a food bank

We recently published a blog post all about why we support food banks and how they can make a difference! Click here to read all about that.

10. Smile

A bit of a cheesy one to end this post! One of the easiest ways to give back during Christmas time is to smile. You know what they say: a smile is contagious. Plus, it doesn’t cost you anything. So the next time you’re shopping for holiday gifts, smile at everyone you meet.

December 07, 2017


Exeter's Best Independent Shops for Christmas Gifts

It's no surprise that we love supporting independent businesses and startups. That's why we want to share some of our favourite independent shops in Exeter. If you're struggling for Christmas shopping inspiration then it could be time to ditch the familiar brands and head to some of these shops! 

There are so many reasons to shop independent this Christmas, from supporting the local economy to getting your hands on unique pieces that your family and friends will love. Some shops may even be offering special Christmas promotions. From the 6th-10th December, we are giving away free Sancho's tote bags with all orders over £30 online and in store!

So here are some of our favourite independent gift shops in Exeter...

No Guts No Glory

NGNG Design are actually our neighbours here at Sancho's! No Guts No Glory are all about embracing everything sustainable, and they focus on slow living and well being. Their shop houses their collection of greetings cards, books, independent magazines & journals, art prints & crafted homewares as well as an urban jungle of beautiful houseplants available to buy!

Location: 125 Fore Street

Opening hours: 10am-5:30pm, closed on Sunday.

Hyde + Seek

Hyde + Seek is a multi-award-winning gift shop situated offering fun gifts, homeware items, toys, books, stationery, prints, cards and so much more. Oh, and they love everything colour!

Location: 1 Paul Street

Opening hours: 9:30am-5:30pm Mon-Wed, 9:30am-6pm Thurs-Sat, 10:30am-4:30pm Sunday.


Located on arguably Exeter's prettiest street, you will find Moko, a lifestyle store offering an eclectic array of fashion, accessories, homeware, furniture and gifts. Here you will find familiar brands such as Orla Kiely along with the unfamiliar ones, some of which are exclusive to Moko!

Location: 17 Gandy Street

Opening hours: 10am-5pm Mon-Fri, 9:30am-6pm Sat, 11am-4pm Sunday.

Rivka Jacobs Wedding Hats

Rivka Jacobs offers stunning, elegant, stylish, handcrafted hats made for that special occasion. In their shop, you will also find jewellery, bags, purses and lots more!

Location: 34 New Bridge Street

Opening hours: 10am-6pm Wednesday-Saturday.

Quay Presents

Quay Presents probably wins the prize for the most picturesque location! This little gift shop is located by the river on Exeter Quay and is home to a whole host of unusual gifts at affordable prices.

Location: Cellar 2 Kings Wharf, The Quay

Opening hours: 10:30am-5:30pm

The Christmas Market

How could we write about the best places to find Christmas gifts without mentioning our very own Christmas Market? The Christmas Market is the best place to find both local and continental food, crafts and gifts! P.s. You might spot Sancho's there throughout Christmas. Come say hi!

Location: Cathedral Yard

Opening hours: 10am-7pm Mon-Wed, 10am-9pm Thurs-Sat, 11am-5pm Sunday.


And last, but by no means least, it's us! Of course, we had to add our lovely two shops to this list. We have a whole host of amazing gifts in our womenswear and menswear shops, from candles and handmade soap to scarves and socks. Remember, from the 6th-10th December, we are giving away free Sancho's tote bags with all orders over £30 online and in store! You don't want to miss out...

Location: 117 and 126 Fore Street

Opening hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Sat, 11am-3pm Sunday.

November 22, 2017


5 Reasons Why We Support Foodbanks

Thirteen million people live below the poverty line in the UK, with individuals going hungry every day, for a range of reasons from benefit delays to receiving an unexpected bill on a low income. This is where food banks come in...

Food banks are organisations that provide emergency food to people in crisis. Donations of non-perishable, in-date food come from churches, schools, local businesses, individuals and supermarket collection boxes. Then a wide range of care professionals such as doctors, health visitors, social workers and police help to identify people in crisis who could need some help. These people are then issued with food.

We believe that there should not be such a huge number of people living in the UK to whom food banks are a lifeline. However, although we wish there would not be a need for food banks in the first place, we are still very grateful for the service they provide! So, let us tell you all about our local food bank, how you can get involved and the reasons why we support these wonderful organisations...

The Exeter Foodbank

The Exeter Foodbank was founded in 2008 by local churches and community groups with the mission of alleviating hunger in the local area. The food bank aims to help local people who have been affected by the financial crisis and subsequent downturn in the economy.

Exeter's food bank centres can be found at the Beacon Community Centre on Beacon Lane and The Mint Methodist Church near us on Fore Street!

Want to help Exeter Foodbank? There are many ways in which you can get involved: you can donate food, help them financially or volunteer!

5 Reasons Why We Support Food Banks Sancho's

5 Reasons Why We Support Foodbanks 

1. A simple box of food makes a huge difference

Food banks not only put food on people's plates, but they also have a wider impact. In turn, they help prevent crime, housing loss, family breakdown and mental health problems, which could all stem from financial difficulties and a lack of food.

2. Food banks are offering other solutions

Many people criticise food banks for 'feeding the problem'. However, food banks are now widening their support beyond food to help people in crisis break the cycle of poverty in the long-term, not just the short-term. This support includes teaching people how to tackle debt and financial difficulties, how to eat healthily when on a low budget, and CV clinics. Many food banks also offer non-food items such as toiletries and sanitary products.

3. Food banks can be healthy

One of the main myths surrounding food banks is that they are unhealthy. Although food banks cannot provide fresh fruit and vegetables because it is not very practical, they do include a range of food which is nutritionally balanced such as tinned vegetables and tinned fruit.

Exeter Foodbank

4. They involve local communities and they reflect a growing capacity in society for compassion

If there's one thing this world needs, it's a little bit of compassion! Food banks bring together volunteers from all walks of life to support a common good.

5. No one should spend Christmas (or any time of year) hungry

The winter months are peppered with opportunities to share meals with friends and family. With holiday meals scheduled well into the New Year, it's truly the season to eat, drink and be merry. Unfortunately, for a huge number of people across the UK, empty cupboards and fridges make the holidays far from festive. Food banks will provide these people with a little bit of happiness this Christmas time!

November 06, 2017


Sancho's Launch Party


It’s finally time!

We are extremely excited to announce the opening of our second shop on Fore Street in Exeter and we’ve decided to throw a launch party in honour of all you lovely customers that have made this huge step possible. Who would have thought two years ago that so many people would share our passion for sustainable business?



On Saturday 11th November, from 11am to 4pm, please come and help us start this exciting new chapter of our lives and let’s celebrate the future of sustainable clothing and gifts!
There will be 10% off EVERYTHING in both our shops for the whole day and you’ll be the first to see and buy our new autumn winter items – this is the perfect opportunity for (early) Christmas shopping! We will have 10 new brands, alongside a line of our own vegan shoes, woven scarves from Ethiopia, and a line of jewellery Kalkidan has designed!



Customers will also get a little Sancho’s goody bag with a locally made and printed tote bag and organic tee, a pair of bamboo socks, a candle, a handmade soap, and other little surprises!
For all of you who can't join us in person a goody bag will be sent to everyone who shops with us that weekend!

There will be lots of yummy nibbles, drinkies and live music for everyone to enjoy whilst they shop our new range and chit chat.
We are so thankful for the past couple of years and we can’t wait to share this new experience and our passion for sustainability with as many people as possible. Bring friends, family, strangers… anyone who might share our passion!

We hope you can join myself, Vidmantas and the Sancho’s team!
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** Please also refer to style and fit